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Planning, Trial and the Big Day!

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Organising a hairdresser to come to your home or chosen wedding venue will eliminate an inch of stress from your big-day beauty regime. I vow to make the getting-ready process as relaxing as possible; working well under pressure to provide friendly support. Rest assured, your hair is in safe hands!
I also work alongside some excellent makeup artists. So if you’re keen to treat yourself to a first-rate pampering process (which is basically a necessity on your wedding day!) have a browse through my recommended links page and we’ll take care of the glamour.

What happens at the trial?

If you’ve been debating style choices but are stuck over which one to choose, a hair trial is the ideal way to test, discuss preferences and decide on a look for your wedding day. I’ll always take photographs for both our reference and to help inform your final decision. A trial is exceptionally useful as it saves valuable time on the big day itself.

You must come armed with a bucket of honesty though. If you’re unhappy with your look in the trial or unsure about a potential hairstyle, please voice your concerns - I can’t read minds!
I want to leave you feeling ecstatic about your bridal look, not apprehensive, so don’t be afraid to say if something’s not quite right. At the end of the day, I can only advise. The final decision must be left up to you.

With that in mind, you’ll still need to be realistic with what I can achieve. As my old college tutor once told me… it’s only a comb, not a wand! And although many looks are possible with the help of added hair pieces and extensions, unfortunately I can’t perform a spell if your hair’s not the right texture, thickness or length for a certain look!
I do trials during the week as weekends are booked up with weddings and family commitments. However, I’m occasionally available on Saturdays during the winter months, so please get in touch to discuss a date.
Where do trials take place?
I usually arrange trials to take place at my home; 1 Church street, Skillington  Nr Grantham NG33 5HQ. My house is across the road from The Cross Swords pub which I highly recommend for a spot of lunch if this fits in with your appointment.

When should I have my trial?

Deciding on a trial date is completely up to you. Some brides like to schedule a date early, as this leaves time to grow their hair if need be and buy complementary accessories. Others prefer to leave it closer to the big day and opt for a style that compliments accessories they’ve already bought. Either way, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it.
Its also a good idea to have hair and makeup trials on the same day to see how they look together.
At the trial.
Make sure to bring a photo of your dress, as this helps with styling. You should also bring photos, or preferably the physical accessories you’re planning to wear - such as veil, tiara or flowers.
Avoid washing your hair on the day of the trial, as it’s much more difficult to style when freshly washed. If you’re also planning to colour your hair, be sure to get it done 1-2 weeks before the big day.
On the day.

As mentioned before, avoid washing your hair unless your hairdresser asks you to. Be sure to also wear a top that easily unbuttons or unzips, as you’re likely to ruin your hairstyle if you have to tug a tight top over your head.

Then all you have to do is sit back, relax and leave the rest up to me! If we’ve planned to set your hair in rollers, this is the perfect time to have your nails or makeup done. I’ll also be able to complete hair requests for any other members of the wedding party, before finishing your style and attaching the veil.

It’s not uncommon to feel slightly overwhelmed during wedding prep, as the hectic build-up can make you forget to take a breather. Try to relax into getting ready and treat it like the calming ritual it should be instead. Treasure this special time with those you’ve entrusted to help you get ready - and don’t forget to crack open the bubbly!
Do I do makeup?

No, but I work alongside some excellent makeup artists that I thoroughly recommend.

How many people can I style in one booking?

Numbers aren’t a problem as I have a wonderful stylist on hand to help me with larger bookings. This means there’s no frantic rush to get everyone styled in time, and you’ll still be guaranteed an excellent quality finish.

Hair Trends.

Popular bridal hairstyles seem to currently range from loose chignons, to half up half down looks, 40s waves, plaits and bouffant styles. My personal favourites are vintage looks, which require a lot of skill to recreate but I do love a challenge! Not to mention, the results are stunning.


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