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Planning, Trial and the Big Day!

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Gemma Stapleford Park Hotel June 2009

Having a hairdresser come to your home or chosen venue can make your day a truly relaxing experience. I work alongside some excellent makeup artists (see links page) so you can sit back and be fully pampered on you special day.  Then quite simply when you are ready, you slip into your dress and you're away. 



What happens at the trial?

We would try the style/s you have in mind after discussing your preferences and the various options.  Usually I take some pictures for both of our references.
The trial is very useful in deciding on a style and also saves invaluable time on the day itself.

At the trial I don't mind if the bride says she doesn't like it, the important thing is we get there in the end.  I dont mind how you have your hair so dont be afraid to say.

I would rather know and as I cant read minds I do need telling.

I can only advise on style, the final decision is the bride's.

Most things are possible even if it means having the help of added hair etc but brides still need to be realistic on what I can achieve with their hair.

(Saying this makes me think of a funny saying that my college tutor told me.... 'its a comb not a wand!')    

I do trials on weekdays as generally I am busy at weekends with weddings and family commitments.  Occasionaly during the winter months I have a free Saturday.

Where do trials take place?
I usually do trials at my home, (6 Coston Road, Sproxton, Nr Melton Mowbray. LE14 4QB) my house is across the road from the Crown Inn, our local pub, but I can come to where you are if travel costs are met.


When to have a trial.

When you have the trial is up to the bride. Some like to get it done early so it can be ticked off the list, grow their hair if need be and then get accessories to go with their style. Others prefer to leave it till nearer the day and choose a style to compliment their accessories etc. There's no wrong or right way round.


At your trial have a picture of your dress. Then either pictures (or the real thing if you have it) of veil/tiara/flowers and accessories.

If your bridesmaids, mum or other guests whose hair I will be doing on the day are not having a trial, I ask for photos of them if possible so we can plan their hair.

Do not wash your hair on the day you are having it done, it never goes up as well when it is squeaky clean.

1-2 weeks before the big day, have your colour done.


On the day.

Do not wash your hair unless your hairdresser has asked you to.Wear a top that can be unbuttoned/zipped. Sit back, relax and leave the rest to me!

If your hair is to be set on rollers, while they are in is the perfect time to have your nails and makeup done. I will then do hair for any other members of the party.

Enjoy this special time with the people who you have chosen to help you prepare for the biggest day of you life.

Don't forget to have something to eat and crack open some bubbly!

When this is done I will finish your hair and then all you have to do is slip into your dress and finaly I will attach your veil.

Do I do makeup?
No but I work with some excellent makeup artists whom I recommend. Please see my links page

How many people can I cope with in one booking?
Numbers arent a problem as I have an excellent stylist who helps me for larger bookings so theres no rush and still an excellent quality of finish.


In styles.

Popular bridal styles at the moment seem to be loose chignons, half up half down, 50's waves and bouffant styles.

My favourite styles have got to be the vintage styles and I love a challenge!




'Why go to the salon? when the salon can come to


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